I am a full (professional) member of the Society of Editors (SA), the South Australian branch of IPEd, and a member of Black Phoenix Publishing Collective, where I will be working on producing the Faeden Chronicles in 2018.

Below are some examples of my work.

Thesis editing

I have worked with PhD and Masters students from

  • the University of Adelaide
  • the University of South Australia
  • La Trobe University
  • Macquarie University
  • Queensland University

in areas including water resource management, English literature, creative writing, banking policy, politics, feminist theory, economic theory and education.

Non-fiction: trade and academic


  • The Curse of Kereves Dere, by Nick Falkner, published  1 April 2016. –“Kerrie’s careful editing made the work tighter and better” – Nick Falkner.
  • Kepler452b Issue 1 (December 2017): The Anthropocene–proofreader.