Tips for thesis writers: a new series.

Over the next five to six weeks – or longer if I find I have more to say! – I’m going to be publishing a series of posts here on how to produce a good PhD or Masters thesis.

What, another set of how-to tips, you say? Haven’t there been enough of those already? They’re everywhere!

Well, yes, there are plenty, but most of them are specifically written for postgraduate students in the US, or possibly the UK. A PhD or even a Masters thesis in Australia looks rather different from the US version – for starters, it’s a lot longer, and it takes a lot longer to write – and that’s where my experience as both an Australian PhD candidate, a mentor and teacher of Australian Masters and PhD students, and a current Masters student* comes into play.

My background is in the Humanities, but I’ve worked with and taught students from almost every area of academia, and I know that these tips can be adapted to almost any Discipline. Drop by next Monday for some hard-won wisdom on:

  1. Where do I start? Getting words on the page.


*I’m currently completing an MA in Editing and Publishing. I’ll update you on my project and exegesis, not to mention the exciting practical projects I’ll be involved in throughout the year, in a few weeks’ time!


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